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History tells us that Apopka, Florida, was often called “The Big Potato”. The earliest known inhabitants of the Apopka area were the Acuera people, members of the Timucua confederation. The Acuera were succeeded by refugees from Alabama and Georgia, who formed the new Seminole Indian tribe. They called the area Ahapopka. Aha, meaning “Potato,” and papka, meaning “eating places”.

Our Team


Matt Jordan

Board Leader - The Big Potato Foundation

Matt has a highly successful property management company , Specialty Management, which services a large number of neighborhoods , neighborhood associations, and commercial properties in Central Florida. Specialty Management lends a huge amount of support to The Big Potato Foundation and Matt’s business experience is an enormous asset to the Foundation.

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Pam Welker

Director - The Big Potato Foundation Charitable Council

Pam regularly offers food donations for the hungry, clothing and school supplies for disadvantaged children and support for the homeless. She spends many days coordinating with donors and making sure their generosity benefits those who need it most.

When Apopka needs help, Pam Welker finds a way to provide it.


Aimee Jordan

Director - The Big Potato Foundation Creative Council

Aimee graduated from LSU with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology/Human Movement. Most of her experience has been in the medical field creating wellness programs and rehabilitative exercise programs with a focus on natural and holistic medicine.

Although her background is in the sciences, her true passion and recent work has been in the arts and art production. Aimee now directs the programming for IBEX Puppetry - Orlando and also works in event management and design.

Outside of work Aimee enjoys her introverted life of animals, art, plants, gardening and anything involving nature and the outdoors.

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64 E Station
Apopka, FL  32703

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Peter Jordan

Director- The Big Potato Foundation Cultural Council

Peter is an 8th generation Floridian, raised in the foliage industry in Apopka, FL. Peter has a BA in Speech Communication from Louisiana State University, and is an educator with 21 yrs experience teaching Agriculture and Agriscience. Peter is the force behind The Apopka Billie Dean Community Garden and all of the activity and education surrounding it. A master gardener and an encyclopedia of knowledge, Peter brings Apopka community members together to practice, celebrate, and spread awareness about one of the world’s most vital subjects and Apopka’s root industry, agriculture.

Peter educates, inspires, and motivates students of all ages to understand and appreciate where our food comes from and how to grow it sustainably.